Poetry of Existence

Art by Siobhán Ó Mócháin Breathnach

Artist Statement:

On this planet of ours, now and in the past, women struggle daily to be their own persons, free to choose their path in work, love and creativity. With this series, I lean toward surrealism and irony in exploring the challenges women confront in discovering their humanity and fulfilling their gifts as individuals.  I aim to be provocative with the materials I use and evocative in portraying the obstacles and opportunities women encounter.  In many corners of the earth women and girls are an endangered species; in others they are objects to be revered as Madonnas or whores.  Often scorned when aging or defiled when young, women still have found the capacity to become full human beings, defying convention and exploitation.  I celebrate their wisdom and strength.

Group Art Exhibitions: 

 I Have The Right, Picture Art Foundation, Cal State University, Dominguez Hills, November 2011 - December 2012.

Recycle and Reimagine, Poudre River Art Gallery, Fort Collins, CO. September 5 - September 28, 2013.


Poetry in Sequoia Wonders, Three Rivers Arts Alliance, Three Rivers, California, 2013.

Creative Practice:
Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry, Queen's University, Belfast, Northtern Ireland. Summer Session, 2012

 Title:   Virgin-of-Jus-Ta-Ston-Nes-Thro 

 Media: Mixed Media

 Size:    18”hx32”wx15”d. 2011. 

 Year:   2011

 Price:  $2800.


  Title: Joan of Yam and the Cardinal 

  Media: Mixed Media 

  Size: 12”hx15”wx 8”d. 2009. $1500.

 Year: 2009

 Price: $1500


Title:    Paris Au Revoir  (See home page)

Media:  Mixed Media

Size:     9”hx7”wx7”d 

Year:    2009 

Price:   $3500.

Title:    Elizabeth (See top image)

Media:  Mixed Media  

Size:     27.25”hx22.5”wx4”d 

Year:    2011 

Price:   $2500